Commercial Real Estate

spaceOS offers to improve the critical daily activities of commercial real estate tenants and gives landlords the ability to communicate and connect with previously unattainable occupants

Merchant Networks


Share information and interesting content on your community, the property, the neighbourhood, events and fun things. Publish and sell tickets for events, seminars and yoga sessions, or just invite your community to free sushi and beers.

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access control

Arming your team members with a keyless office entry system does more than just eliminate keys - it builds a seamless office culture. spaceOS connects with the industry leading cloud-based keyless access control systems.

Tablet Based POS Apps

F&B Ordering

Unlock new revenue streams. spaceOS offers an integrated restaurant POS system to seamlessly activate your cafeteria, restaurant or on- and offsite amenity & service providers for pre-order and delivery through the app.