spaceOS enables the creation of digitally native properties that connect and communicate with tenants. spaceOS creates a unified digital tenant experiences that works with just one app.



Agile and flexible workplaces are shaping the future of work and software is becoming an essential layer through which people experience and interact with a physical space.

Technology is playing a huge role now in how commercial real estate can attract and retain the most innovative, high-growth tenants and monetize new revenue opportunities. We are in the era of Tenantexperience in the built world.


spaceOS is a Dublin, Warsaw, and Lisbon based startup that offers to improve the critical daily activities of commercial real estate tenants, by giving them a remote control in the form of an app to connect with their workplace.

The tenant-facing mobile and web apps combine features like community, booking, support, payments, food & beverage orders and a variety of services, compiled into one holistic but simple SaaS product.


500+ active users on 84 000 sq. feet of space in Brooklyn, New York


New Lab is hosting 50 hardware-centric startups, research labs and academic projects. It is a home to hundreds of designers, engineers and entrepreneurs.

SpaceOS enabled New Lab to become a cutting-edge technology enhanced workspace. The app allowed tenant smartphones to become ‘workplace remote controls’. Anything from ordering food, finding tenants with specific skills, booking meeting rooms or access control is managed by SpaceOS.


18 300 sq. feet on the 38th floor of the Warsaw Spire building


A place for corporations, investors and startups has one purpose: to create valuable connections. SpaceOS allowed The Heart to build a community, nurture the ecosystem and create a truly unique user experience. It's no wonder that The Heart became the official centre for corporate-startup collaboration.


spaceOS for Coworking

Agile workspaces are shaping the future of work. They require an operating system that connects all stakeholders, reduces costs, provides insights and offers smart management tools. SpaceOS is the is the solution with the best UX on the market.

spaceOS - Community Platform

Community Platform

spaceOS offers a simple, intuitive web and mobile app that helps communities grow. Engaging communities with news, events and push notifications in a non-invasive way. Finding a designer, developer or friends in the workspace community has never been easier.


Resource Booking

spaceOS helps to maximize the efficiency of workspaces, lower operational costs and enable a collaborative and flexible working environment. spaceOS provides real time desk and conference room booking allowing tenants to plan ahead and avoid unpleasant surprises.


ManagEment Tools

spaceOS delivers a holistic management system, which covers membership plans, contracts, integrated payments, invoicing and the possibility to upsell services and supplies. spaceOS integrates seamlessly with cafeterias and restaurants allowing members to order directly through their mobile app.

spaceOS for Commercial Real Estate

spaceOS connects all stakeholders of a property, from the landlord to the tenant to the employee. spaceOS enables the creation of digitally native properties that connect and communicate with tenants.

Merchant Networks

Merchant networks

spaceOS connects with nearby merchants and creates a network of services around a property. This enhances tenant satisfaction and integrates the property into its neighborhood, making the first step towards smart cities.

Sensors & Access Control

Sensors & access control

Smart access control is a crucial feature of any building. Recognising the fragmented nature of the market, we have built a connecting layer, allowing to integrate any access control system. spaceOS is already fully integrated with Kisi, Salto and Kiwiki.

Tablet Based POS Apps

Integrated POS APPS

By offering simple and intuitive tablet apps for cafeterias, restaurants, or services nearby, we are able to create a real time supply chain infrastructure around the property. Integrated loyalty and payment schemes are designed to help monetize this network.


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