Factory develops and operates offices for fast growing startups and technology companies


Factory Lisbon is an urban revitalization project led by Factory in partnership with the Lisbon City Hall and Startup Lisboa. The campus consists of two former food production facilities for the Portuguese military and naval forces, and boasts a grand total of 12,000 m2. With waterfront views, the former noodle and typography factories are being renovated and offer flexible, sleek and modern workspace units of various sizes, with spaceOS handling the digital #tenantexperience including access control.

I have seen spaceOS grow from an idea into a startup that is leading its field with exceptional UX. We at Factory require a solution that can orchestrate an ecosystem of food & beverage orders and provide services with simplicity and efficiency. By integrating access control, it ultimately becomes the primary user interface for our tenants and members.
— Simon Schäfer / CEO at Factory